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Worldwide Marine Ceramic Coating Specialists  

A unique specialised ceramic coating for gelcoat and marine paintwork giving a high gloss finish and  protecting against UV damage.

Welcome to the World of Supremecoat Marine

Step Onboard For The Ultimate Ceramic Coating Journey

Supremecoat Marine Science
Never Use Wax Again!

Ceramic coatings are the superior way to protect the surface of your investment. With Supremecoat Marine, you can be confident that your investment has unrivalled protection from UV damage, fouling, corrosion, oxidation and more! Keep your boat or superyacht showroom-condition while saving time by minimizing maintenance and cleaning, leaving more time to be in the water enjoying your beloved boat or superyacht. 

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No More Expensive Aftercare Waxes

Our high-performance nano-ceramic coating protects the surface of your boat or superyacht from external elements that would otherwise damage the paint or gel coat as well as giving a high gloss finish and ease of maintenance with its self-cleaning properties. 

Tailor-Made Coatings For Your Vessel

Supremecoat has a variety of products and coatings for your boat or superyacht. 

  • 2 or 4 Year ceramic coatings

  • Above-water and underwater coatings 

  • Brightwork coatings

  • Interior carpet, fabrics and leather coatings

  • Glass coatings

  • Solar panel coatings

Alongside our protective coatings, we have formulated specific products to work in cohesion to keep the Supremecoat ceramic and therefor your vessel in the best condition. Firstly is our Boat Wash; A bio-degradable, aquatic-safe shampoo for all external surfaces of your boat. Secondly our Universal Surface Cleaner (USC); A Multi-Purpose detailing spray for quickly cleaning the surface. 


In addition to boats, superyachts and other large vessels, the Supremecoat Marine ceramic is also available for Jetskis.

About Supremecoat

Our products deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices for our customers across the world. With over 21 years' experience in the paint protection industry...

Our Supremecoat UK Headquarters & Centres

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